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The Beginning

Tactile Australia was set up in July of 2002 to supply design and installation services to the increasing tactile market.  Tactile Australia specialises in the installation of tactiles and associated DDA infrastructure.  We originally started with 3 employees but now have a workforce of 25 full time employees.

Growth within the business has seen our core work shift to civil construction and taking on civil works, including concreting, kerb and channel, pipe laying, pavement construction, road reconstruction, road re-sheeting, and asphalt patching.  We also have a excavator mounted concrete crusher and can have sheet piling available for installation.



What we can do for you.

Tactile Australia’s workforce is able to undertake the engineering design, drafting,  project management, excavation, concreting, traffic control and tactile installation works of our clients projects.


All of our staff have traffic management tickets, red and green cards and level 2 first aid.  They undergo regular training in the CCF integrated management system that we utilise to undertake works to the quality and safety standards expected of the business.


Please contact us shold you require any further information or believe we can assist you in your next project



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